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Presenting Sponsorship: $1,000,000

Sold to the Bob and Dolores Hope Foundation


➢ Prominent visibility as the “Presenting Sponsor” of the 75th Commemoration of the end of WWII in print, electronic communications and materials

➢ Social media activation

➢ Special press release announcing “Presenting Sponsor” of 75th Commemoration
➢ Special reception with commemoration celebrities

➢ 50 Reserved seats at all official, sponsored Commemoration events

➢ Priority seating for Arsenal of Democracy Fly-over at the National WWII Memorial

➢ Five seats in WWII warbird to participate in historic Washington DC flyover aircraft

➢ Opportunity to deliver message of welcome and tribute at key Commemoration events

➢ Customized opportunities to support the individual events in Washington DC or in Hawaii are available at all

➢ Five flags flown over the U.S. Capitol Mall and Pearl Harbor

➢ High visibility in all marketing and informational materials produced to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, including:

• Logo prominently displayed at all events in D. C. and Hawaii areas

• Logo on promotional and marketing materials circulated to military and civilian themed publications and identified print and electronic channels

• Full-page announcement ad in a special supplement on the commemoration of the end of WWII

• Masthead placement with link on the homepage of the Commemoration website

• Banner recognition and inclusion in the sponsor page with link to organization’s website

• Sponsor logo on invitation to all official Commemoration events